Mount Cardigan AMC Lodge

The Mount Cardigan AMC Hut


We love the outdoors. Some of our fondest memories are traipsing around the wilds of Africa, walking our dog in the back woods of Vermont, or just sitting on the cliffs of Lone Rock Point watching the wind whip across Lake Champlain. So choosing an AMC lodge as  our wedding venue was a no-brainer. We hope you all enjoy the rustic setting as much as we do.

The Mount Cardigan AMC Lodge (at the base of the mountain, not the top, so don’t worry) is a rustic 62 bed party waiting to happen. Surrounded by the bee-ay-you-ti-full White Mountains, the Lodge is situated at the trailheads for a number of amazing hikes. When we visited, we also checked out its defensive perimeter and it seems like a good place to ride out the coming zombie apocalypse… so there’s that.

The Lodge features dormitory style rooms – yay bunk beds! – narrow hallways, and that smell of pine that instantly transports you back to summer vacations away from the buzz of the city. If the setting doesn’t relax you there’s something wrong with you. No really. You should see someone.

The Lodge itself won’t fit our bacchanalian hordes so we’re going to rent out a tent. Also there will be fire. By which I mean a bonfire, which, if you want to run through it while drunk is your prerogative but the management may not take kindly. As for us we’re looking forward to s’mores.