Before the big day

The wedding party and many other guests will be arriving Friday afternoon. We’re going to try to do a rehearsal on Friday at around 5:30. We don’t imagine this will take more than a half hour or so. Then we’ll have a brief cocktail hour before a 7:30 dinner.

Here’s where it gets complicated. We’re so cool we’re having not 1, but 2 separate rehearsal dinners! It’s actually not that crazy – just a practicality thing. An awful lot of our friends will be staying at the AMC Lodge on Friday. Got to feed them. Another large group of friends and family will be staying at the Inn on Newfound Lake (about 20 minutes away from the lodge). Got to feed them. And since we want to spend time with all our friends, we need to attend both. We (Kay and Matt) will be eating with our lodge dwellers first at 7:30 then heading over to the Inn at Newfound Lake for a nightcap and socializing, and finally back to the lodge for keg stands.

The Big Day

8:00- 9:00 Breakfast for Lodge & Campsite dwellers
10:30-11:00 ​Bus brings guests from Inn at Newfound Lake
11:30-12:00 ​Ceremony
12:00-6:00 Play Time & Picnic
6:00-7:00 Reception Dinner
7:00-11:00 ​Shaking of tail feathers
11:00-11:30 Bus brings guests back to Inn at Newfound Lake


There will be a very special bus that takes people from the Inn at Newfound Lake to the venue. If you choose to drive to Cardigan Lodge, please print directions from as this venue tends to defy technology (including cell phones) and we would like a wedding party, not a Donner Party.

Mystery Machine

The Ceremony

The Peace Corps Wind Symphony will begin the overture at 11:30 sharp and the final elephant riders should be leaving the arena by 12:00. Bring tissues – this one’s going to make you cry.



Please keep in mind that we are planning an outdoor ceremony. High heels and uncomfortable formal wear are not recommended. In addition, since we love playing games and socializing with our friends, we have planned for a day of play. Volleyball, badminton, bocce, frisbee golf, and more –are calling your names. We recommend bringing a change of play-clothes. For those staying offsite, there will be plenty of places to change.

20130817-175109.jpg 20130817-175244.jpg

Elevensies, Lunch-in, Afternoon Tea, Dinner…


After the ceremony and during play-time, we will not have a formal all-at-once lunch. Not to worry, though, we would never ever ever forget about food! (Have you met us?) There will be a summer fare picnic and barbecue available throughout the afternoon.

Dinner and the Shaking of Tail Feathers

After an afternoon of play time and snacking, we will reconvene for a sit down dinner of wine, Indian food, wine, cake and wine at 6:00. We will be outside in a tent, so at this time of year you probably want to bring a light sweater or at least a long sleeve shirt. Note that there’s also shower facilities at the lodge so there is no reason to hold back on the afternoon games. Play hard, get dirty – no problem. Plenty of time to clean up before the reception.

There will be dancing until the wee hours of the night. Also kegstands…

After the big day

There will be a running hangover relief brunch on Sunday morning, starting when people begin getting up and running to around noon time. After that we’re on our own for food. The lodge has a great dinner Sunday night, or we can nosh on leftovers or go out or… Whatever. The number of people staying through Sunday night is relatively small so we can play it by ear.