The best present we can receive is your presence at our wedding and your love and support as we embark on this adventure together. We recognize that especially for those of you coming from far away, simply attending our wedding will already entail spending money on travel and accommodations. Many of you are contributing your time and energy to this event, and for the gift of your participation, we thank you. To make it easier for the more traditional gift givers among you, we have set up a registry which can be found here:

You’ll find there a number of things we would love to have… mostly so our home will look presentable when we invite you all to visit… which we want.

If you don’t find a good match on that list – something that we’re looking for and that you think will be a meaningful gift – we’re also saving up to buy a house sometime in the next year so any cash contribution to that effort would be well appreciated.

Lastly, if you’ve got a totally off the beaten path idea that you think we’re just going to love… then you’re probably right. Get that.